Enabling Children of Ministers of God
have access to world-class education

An anointed scholarship platform.


Operation GLAD

Operation Give Life to a Destiny (Operation GLAD) is an anointed scholarship platform raised by God through our Father & Mother – Rev Olusola & Oyenike Areogun to enable children of Ministers of God to have access to an international and world-class education.






The Ministers of God, whose children are considered for this, are genuine servants of God that are standing for the truth of the gospel and labouring day and night for the cause of the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, especially those in the remote areas but cannot afford to give their children a world class secondary education.
Most of these children are brilliant and cannot be left to rot because of the financial state of their parents. Read the testimonies from present beneficiaries of this scholarship scheme:

All present and prospective students under this platform are admitted into Destiny International College – a several award-wining international secondary school that offers world-class education of British, American and Nigeria Curriculum in a world-class facility. To know more about DIC and have a look into her world-class facilities, visit: http://destinyinternationalcollege.org

“Through Operation Glad, financial burden on my parents as Missionaries has reduced; they are now able to focus and work harder on the field. I have also had access to world-class classroom environment and able to write international exams in DIC through Operation Glad. I want to become an ophthalmologist”

from D.O

from I.O

“My parents no longer have to worry about paying my school fees. Operation Glad has made me to be part of what I have never thought of before; writing international exams liken PSAT, Checkpoint. The standard of education I have received in DIC, through Operation Glad is incomparable. In addition, I have had a total positive change in my spiritual life and behaviors. I want to be a Nephrologist

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Operation GLAD raises anointed sponsors for these children from a pool of brethren that God has blessed and want to sow seeds into the lives of these anointed servants of God who are on the mission field for GOD.

You can be part of Operation GLAD on any of these two levels:
Full Sponsors – you will take full responsibility for one or more students all through the secondary education. That is, the financial implication of schooling will be handled by sponsors at this level. This can be done per term or session.

Donor Sponsor – This level is for those who want to be part of this project but cannot afford to take full responsibility for one or more students. At this level, sponsors can contribute seasonally as they have committed to do or as they are blessed to do per time. This could be done as, “a one time off” or a “continuous” monthly, weekly etc. donation.

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